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Name : Tuya

Gender : Male

Description : With shameless luck, Tuya loves to gamble, and is capable of deceiving anything, even death. The gamble is on the order of the second, as well as the death of the enemies.


Hp : 125

Shields : 100

Armor : 225

Energy : 175

Speed : 1.20

Passive : You are lucky. There is a 50% chance that when an ability is activated, it will be empowered, and when you should take fatal damage, there is a 67% chance that you will instead avoid the damage and become immune for 3 seconds.


Empowered ability will have +50% efficiency, duration, strenght and radius

Ability 1

Roll two six-sided dice, one black and one white. The black die will grant a random debuff to enemies, while the white die will grant a buff to allies, and their strength depends on the number. If both dice are equal, the ally buff will turn into an enemy debuff, and vice versa. You can load the skill to fix dice so that a large number comes up, and with a greater chance of two equal numbers coming up.


Cost : 25

Duration : 20 seconds

Buff radius : 50 meters

Debuff aura radius : 35 meters (the debuff aura move with you)

Buff/Debuff strenght : 10%x number (from 1 to 6)

White die : + damage | critical damage | status chance | shield regeneration speed | damage reduction (max 95%) | base armor 

Black die : - health (max 95%) | shields | movement speed | weapon precision | status resistance (any status will do more damage and will last longer) | damage output

Ability 2

Draw a card, which will give you a different buff, based on whether it's swords, hearts, clubs or diamonds. You can draw multiple times, and the effect will be altered based on which card you draw. By holding the ability, you can trow the last card, which will have a different effect based on its suit.


Cost : 25/card +3/s

Sword : Enemies will have a 30% chance of missing you. 


+ Sword :When an enemy misses you, the damage dealt by him for the next 12 seconds will be decreased by 30%.

+Heart : For each converted enemy, you regenerate 5 hp and 10 shields every second.

+Diamond : Each time you collect resources, you get 10 credits.

+Club : Every second, the statuses have a 30% chance of disappearing.

Heart : When an enemy sees you, there is a 15% chance that they will become your faithful ally for 15 seconds. 


+ Sword : When your new ally returns as an enemy, his feelings will be hurt, and he will inflict a wound on himself that will take away 15% of his maximum HP.

+Heart : Your ally will be happy to be by your side, dealing 200% more damage.

+Diamond : When an enemy becomes your ally, they will be happy to share their ammo with you, regenerating 30% of your maximum ammo in each weapon.

+Club : Occasionally, your new ally will be able to throw grenades at enemies.

Diamond : Get double the credits when killing enemies.


+ Sword : Enemies in your affinity range will have their ammo replaced with low-cost ammo, which will be 30% less accurate and 50% less powerful.

+Heart : Enemies killed will have a 15% chance to drop double the amount of health, energy, and ammo balls.

+Diamond : Collecting credits will increase the amount of credits earned by 100% for 3 seconds.

+Club : Skills will cost 10 credits for every 1 unit of energy, but the likelihood of the passive being activated increases by 50%.

Club : You have a 30% chance to gain double the energy and health from collecting orbs, and a 15% chance to collect double resources. 


+ Sword :Crow's feet will appear around the spheres of life and energy, and resources, slowing enemies by 30% for 10 seconds.

+Heart : When you inflict a critical hit, it will be automatically buffed, and if it is already fully buffed, it increases critical damage by 100%.

+Diamond : Increases Skill Power by 30%, and Weapon Damage by 45% for 12 seconds when you collect an orb of HP or Energy.

+Club : When you collect an orb of HP or Energy, enemies within 15 meters will be stunned for 3 seconds.

When launched

Sword : The card impales each enemy hit on the first solid surface it hits.

Heart : enemies will be unable to deal damage for 12 seconds.

Club : A rose grows on the body of each enemy hit, and when hit, will cause the enemy to take 200% more damage in the form of adaptive damage.

Diamond : It explodes on first contact, dealing damage and knocking out any enemy hit for 4 seconds.

Ability 3

Generates a large 37-sided polyhedron-shaped barrier. Enemies will be able to cross the barrier, however the barrier will be able to stop any type of projectile. Inside the barrage, a sphere will bounce, which can pass through walls and enemies, dealing damage. When the sphere touches one side, there will be an explosion with radius and damage depending on the side number. The numbers on the sides are randomly assigned each time the skill is used (from 0 to 36).


Cost : 75

Radius : 20 meters (cannot be decreased with mods)

Duration : 25 seconds

Ball radius : 0.75 meters

Ball travel speed : 7m/s

Damage : 1.000 

When it hits a wall

Explosion radius (in meters) = n x 0.5 (cannot be increased/decreased)

Explosion damage : Ball damage x n

Ability 4 

Flip a coin. You will get a bonus or a penalty based on whether it is heads or tails. Getting multiple bonuses in a row will enhance those obtained and give you new ones. If you get a penalty when you have one or more bonuses, you will lose a bonus.


Cost : 50

Duration : 120 seconds


1) 50% dodge

2) 50% chance to reload weapon instantly without consuming bullets.

3) 50% chance to fire without consuming the bullet. When this happens, multishot +1.


1) 50% more damage recived 

2) 50% chance that activation cost will be doubled upon activation of the skill.

3) 10% chance to die when taking any damage.


Signature weapon

Name : Die 🎲

Description : A fairly common-looking revolver, with a solid 6-shot drum, but fires fast energy bullets. Each time it is reloaded, the revolver changes its base multishot from 1 to 6. When in Tuya's hands, each bullet fired has a 15% chance (unaffected by the mod) of being a lucky shot, inflicting quadruple of the total damage of the hit.


Accuracy : 21

Magazine capacity : 6

Max ammo : 300

Reload speed : 1.6 seconds

Fire rate : 3.74

Trigger : Automatic

Projectile flight speed : hitscan

Multishot : between 1 and 6

Critical chance : 26%

Critical damage : 2.5x

Status chance : 26%/projectile

Damage : 134 (34% slash | 33% impact | 33% puncture)


Sketched description of the aesthetic

The drum magazine would look like a game die, and when reloading, it would pop out, spinning quickly, and re-enter. The magazine would be visible from the left side of the weapon, the right being totally closed, and the number of visible pellets would be equivalent to the basic multishot of the weapon.

The barrel would be rectangular, and decorated with some poker cards on both sides.

A pendant would be attached to the hammer of the revolver, with a black and a white die.


Thanks for reading. Tell me what you think in the comments.

have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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