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Banshee Laphantis Bug.


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Banshee's Sonic Boom can knock back Laphantis's 3 worm forms, Out of their holes and anywhere else in the room. Rather weirdly and awkwardly. Sometimes when I did it they'd just be pushed straight out of the room completely (Phase through the walls like,), And then I'd have to wait for them to pop up again.


Also, Sonic Boom can push back Laphantis's second form. He won't phase out of the room though, Like his heads. And generally will not skew it's pathing. But, Still thinking I shouldn't be able to sonic boom a Giant 3 story boss away from me with a 1 skill. So /Thinking/ it's a bug.





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it happened to me once, i sonic boomed one of the Laphantis's heads and it just fell went back in the ground and glitched out and went invis.

oddly enough it was still shootable and returned after shooting him long enough.


Good to know I'm not the only one who has had this happen.

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