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An Epic Archwing Battle With The Stalker...?


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What do you think about an epic Archwing battle against the Stalker in space or another dimension...? When you beat him maybe you could procure his Archwing...? Would cinematic cutscenes during the battle be something you would like to see...? Neo dodged bullets in the Matrix movie, maybe a cinematic cutscene of our Warframe dodging the Stalker's missiles or lasers would be something different...?

Is it too cliche...?

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Ignoring the incoming storm of "ArChWinG bAd!!!!11!!1!!", this is in fact a horrible idea. Not because of archwing itself, but the AI.

NPCs in this game can barely get from point a to point b, how do you expect them to deliver a decent one-on-one fight in archwing?

Have you played railjack? Ships just kamikaze right at you.

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the word "epic" is way easier said than done.

I'm no game developer, but from my experience playing videogames, there are only few ways you can force epicness into a set play without context.

First, scripted battle. As mentioned by others, warframe rarely feels epic because of how awkwardly everything moves. By ensuring when and where enemies strikes, warframe can eliminate most of the awkwardness.

And secondly, qte battle. Devs can also ensure players do the coolest movements possible with qte, play with camera angles to add drama.

Aside from those, "epicness" requires long event and/or character building that warframe just already missed.

But of course, qte scripted battles will get old really fast. If you think players always screaming for more contents now, think how fast they can burn through qte battles.

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