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Gara 1 scales mostly with melee mods

Gara 2 damage resist and damage aura on self/ally cast

Gara 3 helminth slot

Gara 4 makes a wall, refreshes the duration of all Gara 2's that it touches while the wall expands. Using garas 1 on the wall while outside of the wall will add half of its damage to any allies Gara 2 that the shattering hits.

So press 2, press 4, press 4 again to stop the wall expansion, walk out and shatter the wall with Gara 1. Repeat as desired.

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Granted Spectrosiphon doesnt do much for a Splinter build....  but it does still distract enemies and protect allies...  so its not worthless..

However Gara users should have a LO dedicated to Spectrorage!!!   You create a huge ring of mirrors that distracts enemies and keeps everyone/everything safe while making 50% of the enemies who die in the ring drop energy orbs.  Even at high levels this build can rock.   (You should be sacrificing strength to make it work so you wont ave 90% DR but you can get like 30+% not that you need it if you keep your ring up.

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