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Unpopular opinion: Excalibur Umbra is a JoJo reference


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As a Jojo fan myself, nah.

A stand isn't 'a separate person that fights for you', it's an expression of its user's soul. Even amongst the main protagonists, there's non-humanoid, as Joseph's 'Hermit Purple' is... well, vines. Because... well, in that case, that's apparently something to do with Hamon and wires and something.

Umbra, meanwhile, is depicted as a separate person with a separate origin, who acts in a different way. He has his own motivations and desires, not bound to the Tenno. Sevagoth's shadow, meanwhile, that's a Jojo reference. Aside from the fact that Rebb literally pointed that much out, it's an expression of Sevagoth's soul that obeys it's commands. That's as stand-like as you can get.

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