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I converted the lich and dint saw what it did (or it dint tell me) so i dint recieve my weapon



I spent 3 days working on the system works and finally after developing relic to get the symbols. and

if I got all 3 symbols right, I got 2 options. and i have no idea what they are doing so i converted it to think

i turn a weapon from him..... but i was a huge disappointment and i really really frustrated that i did everything for nothing.

i saw that the bramma kuva could be found in one of the liches so i found one and it was not the weapon i wanted. so after the

mission i have a new lich and i read that i have to finish this lich before i get another one....... -_- is there anyway i can get my

weapon from the previous lich or cancel the lich i caused my motivation to get one of these weapons i really wanted when

from 100 to uninstalling the game because I'm not going to redo everything just to get a weapon I'm not interested in.....

If anyone could help me with this problem I would be very grateful grateful

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The answer is no sadly, you can not undue/delete your new lich without going through the grind again.

To get the weapon from the lich you would need to select the vanquish (a.k.a kill) option instead of convert.

You can see what weapon you can get without making a lich if you approach but do not mercy kill the larvaling, for future reference.


1 positive is that you can sell the converted lich to someone else for some Platinum, if you can find a buyer that is.


Sorry to hear about this, hope you take a break and (maybe) come back when you feel better about the whole thing.

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Short answer no.

Long answer, next time don't spam X with muscle memory and instead check what weapon the kuva larvling has. It shows after the larvling is down but before you mercy it. If you really think the kuva lich grind is tedious, don't do it? Some kuva weapons are great, but you can live without.

If unlocking the secrets takes to long, please note that with an unsuccessful lich kill (e.g. it escapes) you get 10 murmurs to unlocking the next secret. In addition, a kuva lich can "convert" up to 10 normal enemies to thralls for extra secrets.

There is a tutorial section at your kuva lich profile which could help you out with other issues or prevent future mistakes.

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