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moving around configs by dragging


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so its neat we can drag configs from slot to slow but could it be possible to also make dragging a config from slot to slot also bring the subsumed ability with it ?

since we can already juggle configs by linking them, it would be quite useful for once I decided on a subsume I like the best to be in the first slot so its always selected when I build a new loadout!

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Yeah that would be great!

I sometimes change my "main" config I want to use on a warframe, previoulsy I was able to just swap the new config to the first slot so I could have it auto selected as soon as I equip it Warframe.

Now that's no longer possible if the other config has an infused ability.

Especially when you slot augment mods for your infused ability into the config, it would make sense to move the ability around with the augment inside the config.

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10 hours ago, Dauggie said:

or just re-subsume? how hard is that? unless you're very low on resources.. FARM THEM

suggesting to just throw piles at resourecs at something sounds like a bandaid fix for something that should just be PART of the UI, I am initially putting resources into having a SUBSUME applied to a "config", then I am saying SWAP "config" A and "config" B, to me the subsume should be part of that trade, everything else moves along, arcanes, mods, positions, name everything!


"FARM THEM", If its not a big deal like you seem to think how about you farm them for me ? no? it is literally tens of hours of gameplay/wait time for something that should probably been included as part of the UI, I am not going to farm them,

I will have my subsumes in the wrong places for now and make this suggestion that moving configs feature should move ALL parts of the config!

1 hour ago, 16Bitman said:

I sometimes change my "main" config I want to use on a warframe

for me its sorties, every time spy comes up for quickness I just drop ivara in my current loadout except when I do that it always defaults to config A, my regular stealth dps build, but for a one off spy mission I want config C, in hindsight I would have had these subsumed the opposite way around, so my spy loadout is ALWAYS Config C and when I use ivara for a quick drop in mission it would give me config A without having to go through an additional menu

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