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plains of eidolon didn't give a reward for a part of the bounty


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i recently hit up orokin vaults for some power strength mods so that i can put them on my wisp, all is good but i was still missing one more power strength mod (augur secrets). i decided that an absence of this mod simply wont do, so i hit up the plains for nearly an hour. whilst trying to complete the first bounty i noticed something off about the bounty completed scene. there was no reward or standing. me being slightly confused i check the mission progress screen and nothing new appeared. i continued being desperate for this mod i continue for an hour but to no avail. even to a couple of hours later, i still wonder, "had that bug not occur i would have probably gotten augur secrets. i cant trade because i have no platinum so this was the only way that augur secrets would be attainable. 

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