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Formica: The ANT HILL.


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Introduction: Formica is an Ant based warframe with the ability to clone herself almost instantly and infinitely, and these clones can create clones and so on, to overwhelm her opponents and outnumber them.

She also has two Prehensile antennas that can extend for up to 24 meters, used to communicate with other clones, strong enough to carry her or lift objects and enemies, and have a pointy blade in the end that can pierce flesh.


Health: 225

armor: 100

shields: 300

sprint speed: 1.25


Passive: Formica's Antennas may act on their own sometimes, attacking enemies within 24 meters dealing slash and puncture damage and knocking them down, these antennas become increasingly more active with more clones nearby

First ability(Bio-fission): Press for formica to clone herself, the clones have no weapons equipped and attack with it's own custom melee attacks using the antennas, the clones have 50% of your maximum health, each active clone takes 1.25 points of energy per second.

Hold the ability to activate Kinetic cloning, whenever you or your clones take lethal damage, you split into two clones instead of dying, but loose more energy. 

Press while aiming at a clone to absorb it and heal yourself

Second ability(Speed-cloning): using the instantaneous property of making and absorbing clones, formica can travel instantly to any location you're aiming at by quickly making clones all the way to that location and absorbing them from the end point, achieving "Teleportation" 

Third ability(Command Clones): Cycle between 3 different actions for every clone to perform, ATTACK makes every clone attack the closest enemy to them, DEFEND the clones will surround you at all times, STEALTH all the clones will go invisible and won't attack, but will perform finishers on enemies that get alerted 

if you aim at a clone and use one of these commands, only that clone will obey.  

Fourth ability(Collective work): Using the accumulative strength, speed and durability of a 100 Formica, Formica increases her damage output, sprint speed and armor by 500%, the percentage quickly decays overtime, however you can stop the decay for a few seconds by absorbing active clones.

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