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[Warframe Concept] Marduk: The Creative Destroyer


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My goal here was to try to create a warframe that best represents the dojo decorator community, which meant a warframe that aided in the destruction of enemies through the use of creation or manufacturing. I wanted this warframe to be simple or straightforward, it had to be based on some kind of real world mythology or legend, and the abilities had to have a purpose or use to them.

I chose to base the warframe on Marduk via the Babylonian Epic of Creation, which tl;dr tells the story of Marduk's rise to power through a battle that results in the creation of the world...or something like that. I took some liberties of course. I wanted this warframe to provide defense and utility to itself and it's allies, but I also wanted it to be able to be useful for dojo decorators and help them farm resources, which is why I included the augment suggestion. Anyway, feedback is very welcome. I'm not comfortable putting stats on this yet.

Name: Marduk
Description: A warframe that majestically uses the power of creation for destruction.
Special Characteristic: Marduk's casting animations are slow because creation takes time.

Passive: When Mushussu (Mecha Kubrow) is in Attack Mode, gain 10% damage reduction, 10% shield recharge rate, and 10% melee status chance.
1: Create Force Field Drone
2: Create Zero-G Beacon
3: Create Mushussu (Mecha Kubrow with Dragon characteristics)
4: Create Imhullu (Wind Cannon Rampart, Shaped like a Chariot)



Ability 1: Create Force Field Drone
Create Force Field Drone Description: Marduk patiently builds a force field drone.
Create Force Field Drone Effect: A force field that covers Marduk. Grants immunity to status effects while also reflecting
status effects back at nearby enemies in range for double duration. Also clears status effects from Marduk.

Create Force Field Drone Augment Mod (Force Extender): While active, grants allies within 15m status immunity. Status effects
are no longer reflected back at enemies.

Ability 2: Create Zero-G Beacon
Create Zero-G Beacon Description: Marduk cautiously builds a tower that emits a gravitational field. Can be damaged/destroyed.
The effect has infinite height, above and below the beacon. It's health scales with enemy level.
Create Zero-G Beacon Effect: Boosts Aim Glide Duration, Wall Latch Duration, reduces gravity, grants 1 jump reset, and causes enemies in range to be lifted in the air
temporarily before falling slowly to the ground.

Create Zero-G Beacon Augment Mod (Lightweight Beacon): Instead, boosts Combo Efficiency & Duration, and causes enemies in
range to trip and fall.

Ability 3: Create Mushussu
Create Mushussu Description: Marduk attentively builds his faithful mecha-kubrow companion. Mushussu is vulnerable
to damage in Attack and Hammer Block Modes. Mushussu is a mecha-kubrow with the appearance of a dragon.
Create Mushussu Effect (Press): Mushussu is created (if not created). Mushussu is given a direction (if created).
Create Mushussu Effect (Hold): Mushussu switches to an alternate mode.

List of Mushussu Modes:
Attack Mode: Mushussu's default mode. When directed, shoots a stinger missile that can turn an enemy to stone briefly.
Hammer Block Mode: Mushussu splits in two, becoming an exalted hammer to be wielded by Marduk, and a platform/wall to be placed on the ground or midair.
If Marduk is on the ground, Mushussu will split to become a protective wall in front of where Marduk is facing, and become an exalted hammer to be wielded by Marduk.
If Marduk is in midair, Mushussu will split to become a platform in midair, but not if Marduk is within 1-2 meters from a ceiling, and become an exalted hammer to be wielded by Marduk.

If Mushussu's Platform half is destroyed, the hammer is destroyed as well.

Create Mushussu Augment Mod (Plundering Mushussu): Mushussu's Attack Mode is augmented.
Mushussu generates additional loot from fallen enemies. (Does not work with Desecrate.)

Ability 4: Create Imhullu

Create Imhullu Description: Marduk rigorously constructs Imhullu, his legendary rampart. Can be damaged or
destroyed. Health and damage scales with enemy level.
Create Imhullu Effect: A rampart is spawned, usable by allies. Shoots small, powerful gusts of wind. Can be used as protective cover, but Imhullu will take damage.
The Rampart can rotate 45 degrees left or right. Damage dealt scales with enemy level. Deals Impact and Puncture damage.

Create Imhullu Augment Mod (Evil Wind): Imhullu can be rotated 180 degrees (90 degrees left or right). Adds Gas damage.



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Unless it has some crazy exclusive passive or buff when in kubrow form
Like +armor,Dr,health, shields, crit chance or something
There has to be a reason to use the kubrow else it just becomes a mehh ability like khoras kavat
If you havethe time hive me a full rundown on the frames abilities and passive
There's definitely a way to make a creator warframe that can do decent at endurance and speedruns while having at least 3 useful abilities

So I'll have to revise the augment or the forms to provide some kind of benefit to compete with Hammer form.
I'm thinking of the possible following changes:
Passive (Old): Loot Radar (20 meters)

Passive (New):
Attack Mode Buff: 10% Status Chance, and +1 Attack Range.
Utility Mode Buff: 10% Damage Reduction, 10% Shield Recharge Rate.


How about for attack mode on the three rather then turning to Stone it grants enemy armor reduction since the stone thing kind of makes his 2 less relevant imo, keep hammer mode and how about you make the passive of the kubrow be more to do with resource pickup something like for every five different resources you pick up you gain 50 shields/health capping at say 550.
And then to activate the hammer It requires you to use utility mode And place x number of platforms Before he can coil up
Ngl I'm not super into the platform aspect of the frame I just don't really see any practical use for them outside of parkour and obstacle courses
I feel you really want the frame to have platforms which is fair it is your design just so far that's the only aspect of the frame I can't fully see a reason for
If you linked it to the hammer Making it place x amounts of platforms Before hammer can be used Then it would have more purpose
So it's like 5 platforms then you can use the hammer For say 1min
Or even something like for every platform you place gain +10 secs of hammer time But you have to place say 10 platforms before you can use the hammer at all If you get me You need to make using the platforms have a purpose imo every other ability and concept you had has a purpose
And would work really well in a lot of situations
The platforms seem more like a fun little mechanic With little purpose
IMHO we have to many frame abilities and frames like that and generally those abilities get subsumed off The simple thing to me to keep platforms is link it to hammer time


Does it also reduce gravity? Like the moa beam
It would be fun for my float mag build for even more air time

When I made the warframe concept, I did forget that the Tractor Beam mod actually does list Gravity as a stat. So I will update the description to also affect gravity directly.

Another Suggestion that was mentioned: To better blend Marduk's Zero-G Beacon and Mushussu Hammer Mode, have the Hammer only be accessible after x kills within Zero-G Beacon's Radius.

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