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What could be the free Prime frame of Tennocon's 2021?

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4 hours ago, Hierarch777 said:

I hope it's either Loki or Volt Prime, as they've been unfarmable for years.

Give me Saryn prime or Nekroz prime then because I have Loki and Volt and trust me, I never use them.

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well, the "Road to TennoCon" new thign showed a pixelated Rhino, so if that's a teaser, then it's him.

otherwise who knows. probably the one that's been vaulted the longest time, or Frost/Ember because DE just likes unvaulting them at every opportunity. 

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On 2021-06-19 at 7:09 AM, twirlandswirl said:

I hope it's Loki, too. His price is soooooo inflated. Also I would like to hear the wails of everyone selling his Systems for 200 plat on WFM.

I don't think it'd be Loki because he was given away with Twitch Prime recently.

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