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Kuva Lich inmortal

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My current Kuva Lich vanishes after landing the first attack. I've already done 8 attacks and the same thing always happens. I have all 3 required mods unveiled, but I can't get past the first attack.

Mi actual kuva lich se esfuma tras acertarle el primer ataque. Ya le hice 8 ataques y siempre pasa lo mismo. Tengo los 3 mods requiems desvelados, pero no puedo pasar del primer ataque.

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You are contantly using the wrong mod in the first slot.

When the Requiem symbol is stricken through, it means it's wrong.

What's even worse, the Requiem Mod in your first slot "Khra" isn't even part of your Known Requiems, no matter in which slot you will put it, it will always be wrong!

Replace Khra with "Jahu" and try again, if it's still wrong, try a different order of mods, but always stick to the mods in your Known Requiem list.

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my guy, u need jahu, not khra. and like I said, if u can't get the lich with a mod, try changing the order of the mods. 

let's say the first one is jahu, netra, vome. 

if the lich runs away with that order. jahu isn't in the first slot. u wanna change it to maybe netra, jahu, vome. if that doesn't work, vome should be in the first slot. and the order of the last two slot is a 50/50 guess. 

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