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Cannot move except by rolling towards my POV


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This bug started randomly after I exited my arsenal aboard my orbiter. My Warframe (and operator) is stuck looking backwards(into my POV). I cannot move them normally, however making them roll or slide with shift does work for some limited mobility, and I can also jump straight up and down. Restarting my game does nothing, nor does re-entering and exiting my arsenal. restarting my computer makes the bug go away briefly, but even if I don't touch my arsenal again, it always starts up within a couple minutes of me playing, whether I have entered a mission or not. For some reason, talking to certain NPCs(this has worked with Smokefinger and Eudico so far, but only once each) will briefly allow me to move normally after I exit their dialogue, but the bug always returns shortly after. I cannot sprint while in warframe mode, but I can while in archwing mode, still only while moving backwards though. This bug has made the game pretty much unplayable, so I would appreciate some help. If i've posted this in the wrong place, please let me know where I should put it to get some assistance

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