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Fishing bug


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This is not the first time I get this bug, but it is EVERY TIME I go fishing, and it is annoying me so much that I have to write this post. This has happened to me on every open world, and I just want to know how to fix this. So here it how it goes: I would catch a fish using the fishing spear from deimos (I doubt it is the reason), and after 1 catch, my frame would be frozen. Not the game, just the character. I can still use rmb to zoom in while holding the spear, open the menu, and nothing else. Can not move, change weapons/ open gear wheel, and the only way to escape this is to abort mission. It is like I am stuck in the spear retrieving animation, but it is after the "Successfully caught" screen has showed up already. I am tired of wasting a Luminous dye just to catch 1 fish then abort...

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8 hours ago, Redgehog2902 said:

stuck in the spear retrieving animation

Like this? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/373086798

What is your in-game FPS? Low FPS can cause this bug to happen. Is this still a bug since this happens more then a year ago?

Other topics with this problem years ago.
https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1199694-spinning-fishing-spear-bug/. Replied to this wrong topic when looking at this topic, oops.

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