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Why don't we use Simaris' sanctuary for test server and "traditional looter shooter"?

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Considering that there are players in warframe that want to keep chasing something such as "god roll" to keep playing, why not we make a simulated world for that?

Let's say instead of having a fixed stats on weapons, you can keep chasing weapon and mod drops from enemies, complete with rarity and tier to make the chase area wider.

Even better, maybe we can introduce a character as creator of mods, trying to seek balance by using Simaris' sanctuary, acting as test server and said character can change the mods any time, bridging the balancing act from DE into the game through this character (Perhaps a #$&(% Orokin that survived the fall because why not).

That way, you have two worlds to explore, the looter shooter one with bonkers balancing and eternal roll chasing and "test server" world where this world decides the fate of our mods in real one

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Yeah why we don't take the "game" and move it to another "game"
2 games > 1 game, genius
They should also add skyrim into simaris and GTA into syndicates.
So while some play SP others can play skyrim and others GTA. Win situation.
Best idea yet, everyone gets 100 bucks for free as daily login, getting money is just positiv.

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so you want a game within a game?

you legit sound like an EA executive, who has no idea of what a Dev team has to go through to develop the game, and just says "get it done and ready to launch in this impossible timeframe or I'll fire you..". and then ask why the game is so badly rushed after you rushed it because I told you to. and then fire you regardless.

no offence, but I think you should keep the thinking within the armchair... 



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3 hours ago, chaotea said:

Yes, i love the idea of splitting the playerbase in half, while also forcing the devs to develop a new version of warframe from the ground up. Why dont more games run with two entirely different game engines?

While "2nd game" would be too much but I think Simulacrum could use some extensions:

- no level restriction

- you can use mods that you don't own or don't have maxed

- changing stats via sliders (You can easily test e.g. 300% range and tell others/dev that it should be base range)

- setting hp/armor/shield of enemies (max and current)

- more than 20 enemies

- number of enemies is separated from enemy (when you want to change number of enemies you have to remove and re-add them; this change would make you simply change some numbers)


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Yeah why don't we use simaris like that??

That's a great idea!! We absolutely need to do that!!

Tell you what, you start working on the game codes, I'll brainwash some marketing ideas. We'll launch it by monday, ok?!

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