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Heavy Attack should swap Dark-Split-Sword


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The point of the Dark-split-Sword is to be Heavy Blade with Status or Dual Swords with crit

BUT you can only swap between both while outside the missions, which ruins the "can morph into other melee category and change stats" ability


How about it changes between Config 1 and 2  or 3 and 4 after a Heavy attack or on the second combo Heavy attack?

and then give it a little buff of +3-5% Status on Heavy Blade and +3-5% Crit Chance on Dual Swords so it gets out of the low tiers

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Honestly I'd just revamp and expand that entire system, since it has a really good premise.

I'd create a specific way, an actual toggle, to swap stances, like we nowadays do with abilities made of multiple sub-abilities (I.e. Vauban's grenades).

I'd then expand our arsenal by creating more of these hybrid weapons, maybe even expand the system to guns. The possibilities are immense.

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Better solution:

what if a heavy attack or middle mouse button while wielding it changes between layout 1 & 2 or 3 & 4?

naturally 1 & 3 would be locked to be heavy and 2 & 4 locked for dual

and YES the UI would be needed to be adapted to this change


also a idea with the integration of the middle mouse button to melee it would open many ideas of giving weapons special abilities like a AOE freezing for sibear or a 5s stationary bullet magnet for sword & shields

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