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Parazon Rework: 30.5 Update!

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On 2021-06-18 at 1:00 PM, Exit717 said:

This should be basic change, not a mod. Pre-animated takedowns break gameplay flow a tiny bit, the shorter the better.

That mod is useless since you can just glitch the animation and simple do a quick stab in the air. 👻


@[DE]Rebecca Remember the old Tenno power? When the operator leave the warframe, float and scream for a few seconds?

Also remember how the warframe can use the parazon to stick to Jackal and do some cool maneauvers?


Why not combine both in a new useful and stylish thing? Hold 5 to use the parazon to stab a enemy from far away to force a mercy kill on it? With this change, the parazon mods will be great when you really need them.

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What's the point... ongoing ignoring info. Claiming to be listening based on few things done isn't listening when you implement major changes with little to no notice (ie. no time to listen or change) that break the game.

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Mercy kills have been (at least for me) happening just a little more than usual, but most of the time the eligible enemy units are dead before I can get to stabbing them with the Parazon. I've even got instances where they had the mercy icon, but was locked out of the finisher as they were flailing about after getting hit by heat status, or them being ragdolled.

Could we have mercy-killable enemies have a short bleed out state? I'm thinking Bursas, with Parazon kills instead of hacking. They'll be effectively dead, but still around as a battlefield resource unaffected by weapons or abilities. Possibly tie the amount that can be put into mercy state with squad size, and bleed out duration modifiers based on LoS and range.

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On 2021-07-08 at 7:59 PM, DealerOfAbsolutes said:

Tried playing around with the Akbronco Prime in the Simulacrum against Heavy Gunners and its gimmicky.

Tap a few times to get the Mercy prompt and Blood for Ammo replenishes the magazine for you so you never have to reload. Can string a few kills together for style points if you open with AOE CC, but it's not practical.

In practice, if the mercy icon appears, but not the prompt and you press x, you get stuck reloading which opens yourself to getting killed.

In a normal mission, not every unit is a heavy unit, so you'll be stuck reloading a lot.

I would suggest going into settings and changing the "X also reloads weapon" setting to off.  It's called something else.  Mercifully, there's a way to deactivate it. 

EDIT: The setting is called "Context Action includes Reload," and it can be found in the CONTROLS tab.

A little off topic, but now to check if there's a setting for moving forward into something acting like you're pressing X.  Has anyone else noticed this happening lately?  It caused me to accidentally spawn a lich before the update.  It's also caused me to latch onto dashwires I had no intention of attaching to, and reviving pets and idiot teammates that I was content to leave downed.

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The new Parazon changes are good in theory, but in practice:

  • The uncommon occurrence of these specific enemies that can be Parazon'd makes the amount of Parazon opportunities practically the same as before the changes with the much lower health thresholds, that are available on any enemy.

More changes are needed, unless the intention is to keep Parazon Finishers a sidelined mechanic dedicated to Requiem Murmurs and basically nothing else.


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  • [DE]Rebecca unpinned this topic
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Been using the changed Parazon system for a while now; just wanted to say it feels good. The little indicator when an enemy is close to being finished is exactly what I've wanted sometimes, because it was pretty hard to tell.  I sometimes miss the Mercy-able little guys, but it's feeling proper that it's the big ones that are being finished in a fancy way.

Looking forward to seeing enemies that have the indicator but are simply not mercy-able being fixed so that they can be finished properly. I expect there's a few bug reports about that, but I'm going to have a look through anyways to double check

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