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"Lock Symbol" on a Mod or an Arcane to prevent accidental equipping.


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Warframe already has a warning feature when players are about to sell their equipped Arcane/Mod.


However this feature still has a weakness, and very common on mod trading.


Let's say you have multiple maxed mods. And you want to equip "the one you own". You obviously don't know which one you use personally, and which one you're going to sell.

As a result, when you're selling those maxed mods/arcane, there are 2 (or more) of them that gives warning. Sell the wrong one, and you'll unequip that mod from all weapons.


DE really should add a "Lock Symbol" feature to mark Mods-Arcanes (including Items). These will give a chain lock symbol on the top left. So you know which one you're using personally.

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