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Teralyst Hunting



So, I'm not too new at this game. I've cleared the star chart and all. However! I have never fought a Teralyst, outside of the odd messing around when I was just wandering the plains. 

Anyways, I'd really like to take one down, but I'm scared of being the noobie that ruins the hunt for everyone else. So, how should I prepare? And what should I know before joining a public hunt? 

Edit: I should state, I have a 1:1:1 amp, a Rubico Prime, and a Trinity Prime frame, as those seem the most recommended 

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For your first public hunts, there is a high chance that there will be someone who basically oneshots each phase of the fight.

I'd say work to make an Amp to replace the mote amp, stock a few energy/health restore pads, and make a loadout slot for eidolons (a warframe mod setup, sniper with radiation and cold damage maybe even a sarpa with shattering impact to strip some of the eidolons armor)

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Bring radiation damage. Sniper or the newest archgun. 

task options. A healer to keep lures alive. 
a buffer/dps to shoot the limbs. 
a buffer / dps to shoot the shields. 
someone to negate status effects. (There are many ways to do this, but since you probably don’t have those ways harrow is preferred)

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I will assume you've completed TWW and met the Quills. Please leave if you have not.



The first thing is to spend a PoE night or two hunting Vomvalysts, to get a basic modular amp. This is referred to as a '111' amp - simply put, you unlock amps in tiers, and the tier of amp is the name of the combination in the order prism, scaffold, brace. So, a prism from the first tier, a scaffold from the second and a brace from the third would be a 123. After the four from PoE, the ones from fortuna keep going up the list in the same order.

After that, get a sniper rifle. Other hard-hitting single-shot weapons can work, but they're not ideal. Teralyst limbs have a kind of weird damage reduction system that heavily weights towards critical hits, which snipers like the Rubico Prime can exploit.  It's recommended to build for radiation.

It's also ideal to have: Volt to buff Operators, Trinity, Oberon or another support frame to prevent the lures from being destroyed or a buff frame like Chroma or Rhino to maximise damage onto limbs. Oberon, if you have him from before the Railjack Refit, can work to do the latter two options quite well.

It's not reccomended to come with a Sarpa or other armour strip on a pub game, because a lack of co-ordination can over strip. You will likely, however, have a much better time on a co-ordinated group, even if that group is deeply sub optimal. It's better to have a sub optimal first time with friends or even alone then watching some optimised munchkin steal your glory, IMO.

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Try solo, worst thing that can happen is that you have to run away. But you can try things out at your leisure without being pressured by a group of random pricks.

1. Bring an amp that can take down the shield. Anything that is multihit aoe is good.

2. Bring one weapon with radiation damage to take care of the limbs after the shield is gone. Rubico prime with full radiation/crit build is very popular.

3. Bring 2 lures for better rewards. Eidolon Lures can be found all over the map.

4. Take care with his attacks, they can do a lot of damage. Use void mode to avoid damage.

5. There's different stages between destroying a limb. His AoE attack between stages proc magnetic and drain your energy.

6. You can bring a frame that can heal and damage amp, like Oberon with Smite infusion for instance. Chroma is still ok to use, even Wisp for Eidolon Lure healing. Or use Volt for the damage boost. But honestly any frame can work.

7. If you don't have the dps, you can use Voidrig 4th ability built for radiation to one shot the limbs.


If you have a decent build you will find it's not hard, even without the meta frames.

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Watch youtube guides and familiarize yourself with the phases.

So when someone carries the whole team, at least you know what's happening and can keep up. But when there are nobody carrying the team, you still know what to do.

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3 hours ago, SpicyDinosaur said:


Volt player usually takes shield duty if a mirage is in party (who buffs herself and not party). Volt has the augment for his 1 and shields to buff damage of the party. Shield damage brings maduri school and limb damage brings unarui school for wisps to buff the shield damagers. 

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2 hours ago, ShlasherNat8 said:

Edit: I should state, I have a 1:1:1 amp, a Rubico Prime, and a Trinity Prime frame, as those seem the most recommended

I just want to point out that Trinity is mostly the idiot proof recommendation when it comes to public Groups.... 

2 hours ago, ShlasherNat8 said:

Anyways, I'd really like to take one down, but I'm scared of being the noobie that ruins the hunt for everyone else. So, how should I prepare? 

Well if you want to take down the Terralyst by yourself then it's important to know all the factors that are going to get in your Way....

All Eidolon's (Vomvalysts don't count) spawn from a source of Water at night upon entering the Plains....

Eidolon's Have a Shield that is only vulnerable to Void Damage.... You can't harm them until you deal enough Void Damage to remove the shield Completely.

Once the Shield is down.... Only the Synovas are vulnerable to Damage.... The Synovas on the Terralyst are located on both it's Knees and upper Arms.... For a total of 4.

Destroying Each Synova will make the Eidolon Collapse and it will become Invulnerable.... During this Phase The Eidolon will writhe in pain and Emit 5 Gigantic Waves Of Sentient Damage that have a 100% Chance to Proc The Magnetic Status Effect on your Warframe (and Your Operator).... In case you didn't know.... A Magnetic Proc drains a metric F@$# Ton of Energy from your Warframe.... I think a single Proc drains like 400 Energy.... So 5 Procs essentially drain all your Energy.

Anyway.... When the Eidolon gets up again it will Descend into the Ground and Teleport to a random Water Source somewhere in the plains....

Destroying all The Synovias will then allow the The Rest Of The Eidolon to be Vulnerable at which point you can Kill or Capture it....

And That Brings us to The Lures:

You can find these Things near Enemy Camps and normally what they do is they Tether themselves to a single nearby Vomvalyst and slowly Drain it's health.... Once the Vomvalyst Health Bar is drained it turns into Ghost Form.... The Lures can then suck them up Ghost Busters Style.... Doing this 3 Times for one lure will change its Colour to blue. By default Lures are technically Enemies and will remain in the Camp.... But you can Destroy the Lure then Hack and it will become your Ally and follow you like Specters do....

Yellow Lures will tether themselves to Vomvalysts but The Blue Lures will tether themselves to The Gaping Hole on the Big Eidolon's where the Synova used to be....

When an Eidolon is Tethered by a lure... It can not Teleport and it will only Regenerate 50% of It's Shields Instead of the full 75% I think.... I don't remember the exact Number....


Okay now here are some VERY IMPORTANT things to note:

All Eidolon's have an Ability that Use nearby Vomvalyst to Regenerate their Shields and while this is Happening the Eidolon itself is completely Invulnerable... The Hydrolyst Specifically has the Ability to also make Vomvalysts Invulnerable aswell thus Completely F#$@ing you over until you can Destroy the Shishkamabob that makes the Vomvalysts Invulnerable.

The Lures Are Not Invulnerable... Nor are they particularly Tanky.... So they will need constant healing.... But for just the Terralyst you can manage without having to heal them.

Despite How Much Damage they deal.... The point of the Eidolon's Attacks is not to kill... It's to Waste your Time.... This is why The Optimal method of Hunting them involves One Shotting both the Shields and The Synovas to Chain Knock Down the Eidolon until it dies.... Not giving it a Chance to use any of its Abilities.... Which are all Delay Tactics...

since Eidolon's are invulnerable to Status... Critical Chance/Damage is the only thing that matters for both The Shields and Synovas....

And that covers the important bits about the actual mechanics of the hunt...

As for how you should Prepare..... Watch This:



It's Horribly Outdated but it should give you an idea about what you should be doing with your Load Out.

Here's concise Version that's a little less Outdated:


It should be noted that since Self Stagger was Added.... the Shraksun Scaffold has now Fallen Behind the Proper Scaffold In terms of Performance.

And that's it.

3 hours ago, ShlasherNat8 said:

And what should I know before joining a public hunt? 

For Public Hunts Specifically it's important to know Significantly more about each Eidolon's Abilities because it's unlikely you'll be able to Chain Stagger them to Death like Organised Groups do.... It's also important to manage the Build Up Vomvalysts so that when you don't encounter huge set backs....

And last but not Least.... It's always important to be Prepared for $@#$ to the Hit The Fan.... Because in public hunts it definitely will...

Regardless of what your Roll is try to Prepare for occupying Your Team Mates Rolls in case they get incapacitated or Disconnected.... Essentially this means if your I'm the Roll of DPS... Bring Ancient Healer Spectres just in case.... If your in the Healing Role.... Bring your most powerful Single Target Damage weapon you have..... It could be a Sniper Rifle but you should keep an eye on any new mods that get added as that can allow Kitguns and Archguns to compete.... That's what Primed Rubedo Line Barrel did for The Velocitus.

And that's just abit it....

Try not to Hollow while you're out there 😱 !!!


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