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Steel Meridian Sigils sheen stays.


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I am someone that does not like to have Sigils on my warframe and I noticed that for the Steel Meridian Sigils the sheen effect does not disappear when I use a double black energy with no Alpha. For every other syndicate Sigil doing a double black energy with no alpha removes them completely. Is this a bug or is this meant to happen this way? 


With the Champion Sigil;unknown.png?width=1213&height=682


The same properties and colors but now with the Oracle Sigil from Cephalon Suda: 

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Yeah, the Cephalon Suda and Arbiters of Hexis sigils don't have that appearance. I have some examples on Lavos that I could post, but the Armored, Champion, Freedom Fighter, Rebellion, and Unyielding sigils all have overly aggressive specular maps.

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