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Sisters of Pavlova (Parvos)


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I just watched Rebecca's dev workshop about balancing weapons, parazon, and upgrading the helminth that is coming out with the sisters update.

Before that though I'd like to acknowledge Rebecca waving off having 300 of the new arcances just given to her. That's literally 3 times the total amount of arcanes I have after 2641 hours of game play. I don't do a lot of grind looking for them but still....... Again I say: The Devs don't play Warframe.

So back to the workshop.

Weapons Balance

DE are NOT going to nerf melee - Oh wait, Yep. They're nerfing melee. They are physically incapable of doing an update without nerfing something.

So, to improve your experience with Primary and Secondary weapons, (assuming you've ground out an exilus weapon adapter first), you will have to take your now nerfed melee into the steel path and grind through Gods knows what to somehow get an 'arcane aperture' (yet another adapter) to unlock an arcane slot. Then, still in steel path, still with your nerfed melee, you will have to grind out (I assume 21) aracnes to be able to fuse them into 1 lvl 5 arcane that will give you a slight buff to your weapons so they can then maybe compete with the nerfed melee in steel path.

So, I foresee a few a few problems here.

DE are constantly harping on about how they want to make players use more varied weapons. Well DE, You don't increase playability by adding (lets be generously low) 100 hrs of grind to improve 1 weapon capability by a fraction of a percent. Most players don't have that sort of time so they'll do it two, maybe three times for their favorite weapons and never look at any of the other options. Not because they don't want to but because the DEVS have made it insanely time consuming to do that for 270 weapons*. This system guarantees that the vast majority of both Primary and Secondary weapons are relegated further into the 'MR fodder only' category. So by doing this you are actually further limiting multi weapon use. I simply can not understand how you fail to see that. The only possible explanation is that you don't have to go through the grind to make it happen for your account.

So, instead of nerfing and adding grind being your go to answer for literally everything, how about you look at what the players are using and bringing the things they aren't using up to equivalent. 


Utter waste of time. As the vid from Pablo shows, it's still waaaaaay quicker just to kill the enemies. The main reasons I don't (and won't) use the parazon for kills is 1: In combat it's almost impossible to see the marker or I've killed them before it appears, and 2: During the long, boring, and irrelevant 'cutscene' I'm still taking damage that I can avoid (or at least be dishing back out) by not using the parazon.


I rebuilt every single base warframe and fed it to my helminth. Not 1 ability, either unlocked or from the helminth can I use for my style of gameplay. One of the new helminth abilities I may end up using but that is assuming that seeing I have no more frames to feed it that I will still get those abilities?

Finally - For the inevitable accusers of 'He's just a Hydron player' - I have 2641 in game hrs, just over 750 login days, MR30, and I still have, in my current inventory, 618 / 620 pieces of equipment available in the game. (Just can't get broken war to drop again :P)

*At the time of this post there is 149 Primary and 121 Secondary weapons available.

Vid: Sisters of Parvos: Developer Workshop Video - YouTube

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I do rather agree, its a lot of effort to say "come grind even more things" hidden behind a "balance" argument. 

Seriously though, was expecting the current arsenal of stuff to get tweaks, not having to farm all new arcanes and a whole set of legendary level mods and the endo to rank them. What id been expecting was a few of the unused mods getting upgrades, a few others going from rank 3 max to 5-10, or a few mods being merged like ammodrum and magazine warp to give us the benefits of both for one slot etc. Not what was announced.  Guess i can go back to playing other things than experiment here with new stuff, theres no creativity to test these, theyre flat upgrades you needa grind more for



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