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Survival target spawn problems


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Yesterday I (and others in my squad) had a horrible time trying to crack relics in the lith relic survival mission. Not enough enemies would span to allow us to crack a relic. I’m a MR 19 and others were over MR 20 so we know how it should work, but it wasn’t working. After failure to crack 2 relics, I got upset and left. Today there’s a Meso survival relic mission. It’s HORRIBLE! We did it 5 times and were only successful in cracking a relic twice! The whole squad. The missions aren’t spawning enough enemies at all. It’s so frustrating. I can see it if a few people cracked a relic and a few didn’t in a mission but I’m talking the entire squad couldn’t get enough reactant to crack a relic. No one, 3 times. Please fix this. Tenno con is coming and we need to have enough ducats for Baro. I paid for a ticket just so I can shop his wares on July 17th. Now with these issues I don’t think I can get enough ducat to make spending that money on the ticket worth it. I’m very sad over this. Especially the lith survival not working. That’s the best way to crack lith relics, in a survival, and they rarely come up for lith relics. So when it’s not working it really sucks.

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