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A broken bounty mission in Fortuna


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I have recently noticed a bug that occurs in Orb Vallis during bounty missions that involve sneaking into a secure area. This issue mostly concerns sneaking into the bigger outpost. The problem appears only when I replay the same bounty more then one time. It looks like the map didn't reset properly and I am soft locked in this room. The only thing that helps with this is triggering the alarm and failing the mission since I am unable to interact with any panels. The prompt for interaction simply doesn't pop up. My suspicion of the map not reseting properly comes from the fact that the glass that sorrunds the center of the room is lifted and normally it should be closed. I have attached screenshots of this happening in an imgur link. Hope it will be fixed soon. Thanks in advance.

There is also a problem with picking up ayatan stars that drop from corpus caches that appear indoors. The stars are impossible to pick up even with the operator. This one is a minor one but I thought I might as well add it here. The main problem is in the upper part of my text.


Edit: I forgot to mention that I didn't exit out of orb vallis, I just took the same mission from the guys in the field.

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