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ether weapon colorlessness



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20 hours ago, Dragxon said:

Are the ether sword and it's family's blades supposed to always be colorless? I can color them by changing the energy color but as soon as i stop editing it it goes back to colorless

This is a visual bug that has been around for a long time. All ether weapons revert color after you've made your choice. It's been reported many, many times but not been fixed. I suggest trying to report this bug again, perhaps your report will be the lucky one :)

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18 hours ago, Uhkretor said:

... Does the color customization of those type of weapons simply reset?

Testing it... Energy colors the blade but only for that moment; once color is set it returns to the translucent black color yet your chosen Energy color becomes the crackling lightning-like effect. The blade itself does not recolor

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