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Keepers of the Ancients (KotA) Recruiting!


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Keepers of the Ancients
Tier: Shadow
Currently Recruiting: Active social casual players (no sweaties, min maxers, or tryhards. we want a pressure-free environment, thanks)
Features: Giveaways, fancy pimped out discord, TS server, multi-game community, rapid daily research and dojo developement. Engaging admins and discord mods.
Overview: Keepers of the Ancients is a reboot of a clan from 2014. With just 2 of the original 10 founders returning to the game to find our dojo in disarray, claimed by someone years ago, and completely locked out from any further expansion, we decided to reboot it and start from the ground up. Join a pair of veteran players in their quest to help new players, rebuild their dojo, and master a bunch of frames.

Currently only looking for casual players who want to enjoy the game. Stats grinders, min maxers, and the general arrogant sweaty types aren't exactly welcome. Come be part of a community, not a pissing match. Feel free to DM me on discord at "I Am Shooketh#0001" or in game (my username is: ToxicReign)

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Hello, might be interested in joining, but I have some questions first:

What is your policy on inactivity? I'm not the most social, trying to improve on that front.

How extensive is your research? Some blueprints I need are research locked so I need to join a clan to grab them.

Edit: Never mind, some other stuff came up.


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