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Idea for a new Mission Type: Eradication


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This idea came from watching a few computer game centered TV shows, and an experience in Warframe. I was running through one of the Void levels, and saw the shockwave from the death orb racing towards my character, although I didn't see the orb itself. I just saw this glowing wave chasing me down; that's what cemented the concept. 

It's pretty simple; there's a toxic fog, or radiation leak, or plasma wave, that chases you from the beginning of the level to the end. If it catches up with you, you start to receive damage, rapidly increasing the deeper you get into the wave. When you're too deep into the wave, you die.

There's a few mechanisms to slow down or temporarily stop the wave, like hacking special stations, or slamming down blast doors, but no way to stop it permanently. The mission goal is to kill as many enemies as you can, with at least one player getting to extraction. The more enemies you kill, the more points you gain; every set number of points is a drop rotation. So, it's somewhat between an Exterminate and something new.

I try to think up gameplay elements which are implementable and fun, which is a challenge, and I think this mission type fits the bill. It works with the speed of Warframe, and isn't too different in concept from an existing mission type, but the way it would play out is entirely different. Instead of just racing to the end as normal, you're having to work to maximize your kill time while also taking out as many enemies as possible, all while facing an implacable enemy. The maps that would be used would have to be a little more linear, rather than some of the more confusing tilesets where it's easy to get lost, but I think it's all doable within the existing framework. Most importantly, I think this would be goddamn fun to play!


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