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Out of bounce state in openworld


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I have enconter a bug/glitch in open world that the character go into a "out of bounce" state with invisibility (you cannot been seen). This during a session on Camboin Drift on Deimos during a bonties on 11:10 pm CEST on the day of this post.

To get into this state, during a lag on the host/serverside (I ma not sure where the lag happens) are the following steps needed switch between the Warframe and the operator (the Frame most be invisible) and use a slam attack to get out of bounce (all steps happens during the lag).

After the lag the character enters into the mentioned state which can not colide with the enviroment, the collecting of items (ammunition, materials etc.) the usage of abilitys and switching to the operator isn't possible, the archwing can be used and damaging the enemy with weapons (primary and secondary if ammunition is avaiblee) and taking from them is still valid.

The /unstuck command doesn't work to leave this state but the selfrevive (if dead) resets the charakter into the map and normal actions works again.

Note to this bug:

-I don't know if flyinf into the water in the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis resets the character into the normal state (the normal reset barriers in Camboin Drift doesn't work on the charakter if this bug/glitch happens)

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