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Railjack crew suggestions

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A few suggestions to make railjack crew better (in my opinion)

1. Allow players to give AI crew a secondary role that will activate if there's no current action required in their primary role. For example: main role defender with secondary role gunner would focus on enemies on board if there are any and focus on gunnery when there aren't enemies on board. This could be used to prevent crew from doing stupid stuff like trying to fix the ship while they're being killed.

2. Allow AI crew to use the ability kinesis. As of now ability kinesis is absolutely useless if you only use AI.

3. Allow players to revive AI crew members without limit or give AI crew a revival countdown. They die very easily, making longer off-ship objectives near impossible to complete tot solo players.


(P.s. I don't know what the correct page is to post suggestions, so if I posted it in the wrong location: my apologies) 

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You kinda can have dual class crew members.  They can have stats in two areas.   But you have to use tactical to make them change roles.   For me a solo pilot im gonna try to make a killer Pilot/Gunner.   A gunner mainly but then when I jump off ship to do grineer bases then I will tell my gunner to take over pilot and nuke those radiators.  

2. no idea..

3.  They do have bleedout timers lol.  Get tactical warps unlocked asap so you can get back to your ship whenever.   You get to equip them with guns from your arsenal, mods and all.   Give them some really strong weapons.   Grineer side is super strong though.  They can kill you super easily if your not tanked or stunning them so crew members are sitting ducks lol.  

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The problem is that you have to keep a constant eye on them and you can't always just teleport back to the ship because one of them is bleeding out, examples would be things like defense or orphix and you need to stand relatively safe or you'd probably be downed before you return. Allowing AI crew to resurrect each other would also be a solution. 

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