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Today I will start a series of ideas to update starting with some changes and a rework to the request atlas the changes in general are not much but this in itself would help in a certain way in case in the future those of DE were to do it together with some changes / improvements Also to the states that at first glance would seem somewhat broken but if the changes were to be made that would also bring changes to the enemies in general to balance the game.

1st ability: ignore enemy defense by 25% and would be doped at 75%.

second ability: tectonics would be eliminated and would be replaced by petrifying.

* Synergy: pretified enemies will drop debris and energy gems with a 25% chance but if the enemy dies from their first ability it will be 75%.

third ability: this will be the rumbles together with some changes first they will behave like the celestial twin their life time and damage scale with power force they do not have duration since their life is the limit they will have armor (grade c) and armor (grade c) no mods and your knuckles and sharp shards will be moddable next to the rumbles.

synergy: Upon death they drop debris and a 50/50 chance to drop energy or life gems.

* The armor is a new defensive mechanic that would be more common in the grineer and others similar in Warframe 3.0 I will explain its mechanics later.

Last ability: heart of stone: Atlas steps on the ground doing great damage and lifting armor armor (grade A and S) and covers his entire body and in his fists some knuckles of pure Technoczite.

passive ability: Being of the world: all mineral / debris / fragments of ice and glass forming an armor armor (grade C, F or A) and while it is on the ground they will not be able to knock it down this armor does not deteriorate unless it is of ice in some hot zone.

Atlas will remove the shield but will have natural armor which will increase its survival with body technozite plates (grade A +).

slight changes:

Health: 500 (700 at Rank 30) Prime: 600 (1075 at Rank 30).

Armor: 550 Prime: 675.

Armor: 150 Prime Points: 250.

Now I will explain the mechanics of the armor:

The armor is inspired by the defensive ability of revenant this blocks the total damage by layers ignoring the status effects, however the armor works differently since if it is affected by certain states and these increase the effectiveness or eliminate it in its entirety this It is divided into degrees (S, A +, A, B, C, D and F) depending on its effectiveness and does not scale beyond a certain cap,.

This mechanic will be more linked to the grineer as a hardening system but it is not alien to certain corpus units, infested and sentients.

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