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Thoughts on making guns as good as melee

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Just some thoughts on how guns could be made as good as melee in no particular order.

They really do need a crit multiplier mod that has a stack cap like how melee does for all guns, something like the sniper multiplier where each successfully landed pellet/bullet/beam gives a crit multiplier up to 12x, balances out for the different gun types of course. But that's only a matter of figuring out how to scale the hit rate to gains of the multiplier, then get a bloodrush and condition overload for guns, would have to make one for primaries and secondaries at that point.

As well as rate of gains for faster firing guns, or those with scattering pellets, and of course beams constant fire type. A lot of calculations for stuff like shotguns, unless it's broken down into percent of hit per ammo fires.

It will just be a rehash of the meta weapons with those galvanized mods and a slight shuffle of most used guns, but I still see the nukor being used plenty, it's still one of the better primers, and you can sweep shots to hit multiple enemies for multi-chaining.

But as for things proc'ing on kills, that will hurt so much more than they realize, steel path grineer and corrupted are already tough enough with all the armor to kill without specific builds that proc on crit or status.

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17 minutes ago, (XBOX)OmegaBloodRose said:

They really do need a crit multiplier mod that has a stack cap like how melee does for all guns

Please no.

A combo system for guns isn't going to fix things any more than DE's idea of giving every gun a 360% damage increase from an Arcane.

Red Crits shouldn't become something that is a standard...honestly I don't think the crit rate should even go past 100% in the first place.

The problem Guns have is more that their mod options are insanely narrow, and for a long time DE has been adding questionably useful fluff mods like the Impact-to-Slash-proc mods. All putting in a Gun style Blood Rush will do is make the mediocre offerings Primaries and even Secondarys have more obvious.

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