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Remove Zhuge Prime's embed delay


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So recently been using Zhuge Prime, while it does great damage its being unjustly held back by the 0.6 embed delay before explosion, without this little kink this weapon can easily become as good or better than Acceltra in aoe clear

Pls make dreams come true. 



where did this spider come from? i haven't the faintest..

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I'll just copy what I put in another, pretty much identical thread.  (No spider though.  So cuuuute! ) https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1264812-remove-zhuge-primes-embed-delay/?tab=comments#comment-12160538


I enjoy the explosion delay, although I wouldn't object to other improvements to the weapon to make up for some of the drawbacks of the quirk.

It's delayed gratification like using DOTs, turrets, and mines.  Killing things in a way that takes just a little more and a little different planning to optimize.   It's not gunplay I would choose  all the time, but I like having it available inherently on  a few weapons.  

Like I said though, I'd be all over a buff that kept the delay. 

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