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Alt idea for Invigoration


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Instead of RNG buffs for a week that reek of breeding toxicity for anything people do organized groups, what if helminth lets the player re-allocate the rank up bonuses of the frame?
So instead of +200% hp, shields and +50% energy, you can go e.g. +160% hp, +60% energy, +2.5 energy rate and +12.5 innate vaccum range.
So per rank it could be something along the lines of 20% (hp, shields, aggro priority, healing done to others), 10% (holster speed, jump strength, cc recovery) 5% (armor, energy, physical or elemental DR, gravity during aimglide), 1% (maneuver speed, evasion, aimglide/wall latch time, shield DR) and for flat stats 2.5 (stuff like innate vacuum, block angle, bleedout time, if it is implemented properly then parazon kneel bleedout time for enemies killed by you), 0.5 (heal rate, energy rate, enemy aggro range) and 0.1 (shield recharge delay reduction, base sprint); potentially with some extra unique options per frame (like eqinox getting extra 10% passive conversion so at its max 10 points invested her passive becomes equivalent to equilibrium.

TLDR: reassign 30 points of rankup to other stats.

If its not spicy enough, maybe the upgrade segment even unlock a extra "no infused ability/respect ballas design" option like "abilities with slotted augment are immune to nullification".

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26 minutes ago, Andele3025 said:

reek of breeding toxicity for anything people do organized groups

Its not been bad for arbitrations though. As its random stats and frames I cant see it being as toxic. More like a USP.

I also love the idea because I still have every frame and yet i find myself only using 3-4. More reasons to push other more obscure frames would be cool.

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