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Nyx tweaks (not rework)


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Hi, as a Nyx main, I really miss some things with Nyx. 
Most notably 1st ability usability and Strength scaling abilities.
Especially for late game and Steel path as Nyx is very fragile.

I propose a simpler fix for Nyx, not a rework.

0) PASSIVE is nice, goes nicely with some evasion mods.

   a) INCREASE BASE DURATION to 42s. (100%-300% DUR == 42s-125s)
   c) INCREASE MAX RANGE to 90m. (This is due to negative range mods.)
   d) AUTOMATICALY MARK the Mind Controlled enemy first as ENEMY during empower and then an ALLY afterwards. (For auto-communicating to the team).
   e) REMOVE RADIATION ending ability when procing on Mind Controlled enemy. (For overzealous team members)

   a) Let STRENGTH influence the NUMBER OF TARGETS. (100%-300% STR ==  5-15 targets)
      (Nearest rounded number, minimum is 5 targets for negative STR)      

   a) Let STRENGTH influence ACCURACY when targeting Nyx. (100%-300% STR == 11%-33%)
      Stacks with Nyx passive 20% and other evasion mods/pets capped at 75%. (Near rounded numbers)
      (Nyx passive=20%, Agility drift=6%, EMP aura=15%, Vulpaphyla is occasionally 20%-40%, capped at 75%)

   a) Let STRENGTH increase the energy ABSORBED from energy orbs (and converted health orbs with Equilibrium). (100%-300% == 0-100%, minimum is 0%)
      That would make absorb a bit more viable for late game as the damage absorbed quickly increases.

a) Normal Nyx (non min-maxed) would have around 155% duration, 130% efficiency, 145% range, 124-130% strength.
Mind control = 65s; Psychic bolts = 6 targets; Evasion = +14%; Absorb = +15%

b) Full umbral Nyx (non min-maxed) would have around 95% duration, 160% efficiency, 100% range, 177% strength. 
Mind control = 40s; Psychic bolts = 9 targets; Evasion = +19%; Absorb = +38%

c) Min-maxed str/dur Nyx would have around 194% duration, 135% efficiency, 34% range, 254% strength. 
Mind control = 81s; Psychic bolts = 13 targets; Evasion = +28%; Absorb = +75%

d) Min-maxed range/dur Nyx would have around 119% duration, 160% efficiency, 280% range, 40% strength. 
Mind control = 50s; Psychic bolts = 5 targets; Evasion = +4%; Absorb = +0%


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Mind Control: Permanent until the mobs dies or is released (using the ability again) or another target is controlled.

Please no more stuff based on strength. While strength doesn't need to be s dump stat, she is already tight on builds as she needs range, duration and efficiency already with a couple of slots needed for survival or faction mods.  

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