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Meka, the Necramech Pilot Warframe (Necramech Warframe Concept)


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A reinterpretation of the masterpieces of the Entrati, Meka is capable of riding his own Necramech when needed.

Name: Meka

Sex: Male

Health: 200 (600 at R30)

Shields: 200 (600 at R30)

Armor: 150 (350 at R30)

Energy: 100 (175 at R30)

Sprint Speed: 1.0

Aura Polarity: None

Exilus Polarity: None

Polarities: 2 Vazarin

Themes: Pilot, Necramech

Progenitor Element: Magnetic


Passive: Meka gains extra Armor when he ranks up. Enemies killed when Meka is present in a mission will make them have a 50% chance to drop "Fuel" that Meka can grab to fill his fuel meter. Each fuel drop will fill 10% of his meter, to a maximum of 100%. Each 10% of fuel gained will add 1% Heat damage to Meka's weapons, to a maximum of 10% Heat damage. Fuel drops will temporarly grant 50 energy to other Warframes.

  • Abilities that boost drop chance of resources for killed enemies will also boost the chance for enemies to drop fuel when Meka is present in the mission.
  • Protea's Dispensary has also a 50% chance to drop fuel instead of an energy orb when Meka is present in the mission.
  • When Meka leaves the mission, all fuel drops will be replaced to energy orbs.

Meka will also gain extra 25 energy when not carrying a Melee weapon and get 25% extra crit chance with archguns.



Aim Assist (Subsumable): 25 energy cost. When using the ability, Meka will shoot a single dart to an enemy that he was aiming. For 15 seconds, his weapons will be able to home the shots within a 20º radius, prioritizing aiming to the head when possible.

Heavy Summoning: 50 energy cost. Meka will summon his archgun, Dual Cocytus, in an area, dealing 2500 Impact damage in a 5 meter radius. After this, Meka will be able to grab the Dual Cocytus and use them for free for 60 seconds, preventing this ability from being used while they're being used, or use the ability again to desummon them, dealing a further 1000 Magnetic damage.

Charged Skin: 25 energy cost. Meka will sacrifice his shields to gain an electrified skin that protects him from damage. The skin's health will depend on the shields Meka sacrificed multiplied by 200%.  Unlike Rhino's Iron Skin, there's no invulnerable state to this skin, but rather has a phase where the skin will deal 100 Electric damage to nearby enemies in a 5 meters radius for 3 seconds, with the damage dealt to the enemies being added to the health of Charged Skin.

Gambit Summoning: 0 energy cost. Meka will be able to summon his Necramech suit, Gambit, after he fills 75% of his fuel meter at minimum. Gambit will drain 1% of fuel every 5 seconds and will be unable to recollect fuel. Summoning Gambit will deal 2500 Impact damage in a 5 meter radius. Gambit will be equipped with its own archgun, Acheron.


Gambit's Stats:

Health: 1100 (3300 at R30)

Shields: 500 (1000 at R30)

Armor: 750

Energy: 100 (200 at R30)

Sprint Speed: 0.95

Polarities: 3 Vazarin


Gambit's Abilities:

Aim Assist: 25 energy cost. Gambit will activate subrutines that will show in the screen where enemies are, even if they're behind walls, and Acheron will gain 5 meter punch through for 60 seconds.

Heavy Summoning: 50 energy cost. Gambit will throw a mine that will summon Dual Cocytus where it lands, dealing 2500 Impact damage in a 5 meter radius where it landed. Dual Cocytus will act as artillery for 10 seconds, with a targetting range of 15 meters.

Charged Skin: 25 energy cost. Gambit will sacrifice half of its shields to gain extra damage when firing Acheron, gaining 15% damage for every 50 shields sacrificed for 30 seconds.

Gambit Summoning: 0 energy cost. Meka will desummon Gambit, dealing 2500 Magnetic damage in a 5 meter radius when doing so. When Meka's fuel meter reaches 0% or Gambit dies, this desummon will happen automatically.


Dual Cocytus Stats:

Type: Archgun

Trigger Type: Held

Ammo Type: Archgun

Accuracy: 100

Magazine Size: 100

Max Ammo: 0

Reload Time: 2.5 seconds

Projectile type: Beam

Damage: 100 Radiation, 100 Total

Fire Rate: 10

Status Chance: 30%

Crit Chance: 30%

Crit Multiplier: 2.0x

This weapon fires a Radiation beam that also deals guaranteed Cold procs on the enemies.


Acheron Stats:

Type: Archgun

Trigger Type: Auto

Ammo Type: Archgun

Accuracy: 50

Magazine Size: 250

Max Ammo: 0

Reload Time: 3 seconds

Projectile Type: Projectile

Projectile Speed: 100 m/s

Damage: 75 Slash, 25 Impact, 25 Puncture, 125 Total

Multishot: 10

Fire Rate: 5

Status Chance: 45%

Crit Chance: 30%

Crit Multiplier: 1.8x

This automatic heavy flak cannon shoots shrapnel that deals high Slash damage. Firing consistently for 5 seconds will make the projectiles deal guaranteed Heat procs to enemies at the cost of consuming 1 additional ammo.


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