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Death on Extraction Bug


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So I was farming Steel Essences and Orokin cells with a group of people. When we decided to end the Mission, after roughly 1 hour, two were faster than the others cause we wanted to wait till the 60 Minute mark.

When they extracted the Host Migration happened . After Host Migration I died in the Extraction Room, so I respawned, in sec with the other person jumping into the Extraction room, and the Mission Result was completly empty. (Dont have a screenshot of that sadly)

All the Loot was in the "Last Mission Report" (Mind the 0s Mission Duration) (Also, the Warframe you can see is my Nekros, but I didnt play Nekros, I had Nova equipped ???)



But what did I get? Nothing (Mind the Orokin Cell Amount)



Now I have to cry in the corner because I have to do another one hour run, because i did not get my Loot.


With best regards.

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