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question about relics



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You can always trade for the relics from others.


But my advice... go after other things like Gara/Volnus/Akstilla or Octavia/Pandero/Tenora which are the last two latest prime sets and just trade for wukong parts.   Rare parts from ANY prime will usually let you trade for whatever you want and if not you can sell them for plat that WILL get you what you want.  

Deimos is still hot on playstation...  Mech mods, mech weapons parts, arun spinosa, sporothrix,  can all fetch plat pretty easily.   I've even made plat taking people hunting and or fishing lol.  

Corpus RJ has some new stuff you could sell.  Carmine Penta, Nautilus, Epitaph, or helping peeps run void storms 4 Sevagoth.   Spectra Vandal, Pennant, Quellor ... 

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6 minutes ago, (PSN)iuvenilis said:

or open any relics you still have (and hope you get lucky).

To elaborate on this, this means that you must use any other lith relic in a public squad and hope that another player happens to use the Lith W1 relic in that run, the chance of this happening is still fairly good at this time, but decreases everyday as the relics that still exist will get used up eventually.

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