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Dojo destruction


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I only have 1 question. 

Why can't I just destroy a specific room/hall!?? This whole 'This component has child components and therefore cannot be queued for destruction' message is frustrating when I just want to change 1 room to another.. Basically I have to rebuild my whole Dojo to have that specific room changed. Sorry if I sound too frustrated, I am kinda new to decorating and building in a Dojo and I am also a solo player. As a solo player I'd love to build my Dojo even though I am on my own. But to destroy all my other rooms just to change that 1 specific room is just ...

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It needs to be fixed, I'm trying to replace a single room in my Dojo, there's redundant connections for everything, there's ZERO logical reason I can't delete this single room.... yet it's trying to force me to literally destroy my ENTIRE DOJO in order to replace ONE SINGLE ROOM.


The one, singular room is a 4-way room and all other 4 directions have connectors that all loop around to other rooms. Removing this one singular 4-way connector would not in any way hinder the connections of other rooms.


Who designed this system? Who is neglecting to do their job and bug fix this stuff? This has been an issue ever since Dojos were first introduced steadily going on a decade ago (2013).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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