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Railjack AI Crewmember Pilot Shooting Bug


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Whenever I enter a different area for an objective or board an enemy crewship, upon leaving said area, the AI Crewmember that is piloting the Railjack will be shooting its weapons but the bullets will be coming from what looks to be the planet way off someplace else instead of the actual Railjack. It fixes itself whenever I reenter the Railjack, the bullets start coming from the Railjack instead of across the map who knows how far away, that is until I enter a different area again. This is problematic when having an AI pilot the Railjack because, as I'm sure you understand, shooting a target in Railjack from thousands of meters away is extremely hard to hit. Because of the bullets being fired but not coming from the Railjack, it is essentially rendering the Railjack useless and unable to fight back because it can't hit anything when I'm doing the objective of the mission. 

This is during solo play Railjack using three AI crewmembers.

Would like to see it fixed.

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