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New Weapons with Especial Mechanics (Fan Concepts)


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This post will present different ideas for new weapons that will possess unique abilities, their numbers may NOT be balanced. Nor is this post intended to be taken into account by DE devs, it will simply be used to express various ideas that could be interesting for the community.
Your attention is also appreciated.


HITERA - [Heavy Sword]


"Hitera" is a heavy sword with a wide tip that carries a mini dark sun in the middle above the hilt, its functionality is to accumulate thermal energy and each blow to enemies will accumulate more energy, generating heat fields on the surface of the blade, increasing the probability of inducing heat states innately. Performing a heavy attack will unleash an expansive ring of fire that lasts for a short period of time and incinerates enemies that touch and are within the ring.


- Weapon will gain + 10% HEAT status chance per combo multiplier (120% max at x12).

- The ring will have a radius of 2m to 8m and it will take 5s to reach its maximum range and then dissipate.

- The ring will take 5% of the TOTAL damage from the heavy attack as HEAT damage exclusively, dealing this damage continuously per second to enemies within its radius. That is, the damage of the ring will also be increased by bonus skill damage and the combo counter.

- The ring has a 100% HEAT status chance (plus cumulative passive chance 100% + 120% at x12).

- The accumulated heat status chance will be completely lost when performing a heavy attack.


Base Stats:

Range - 2.8
Status Chance - 18%

Critical Chance - 28%

Critical Damage - 2.2x

Attack Speed - 0.810


Impact  109.2

Puncture 32.7 

Slash 121.6

Heat 90.0




DATERAGON - [Nikana]


A blade that has the essence of warriors and battles dating from before the old war. Hitting the ground will leave a replica of the sword stuck in it. When carrying out a heavy attack, all the replicas will fly in the direction of the wearer, passing through and damaging all the enemies in their path, obtaining a critical damage bonus for each enemy crossed.


- Up to 12 swords can be placed, but they will only last 60 seconds before disappearing.

- The damage of the swords when passing through enemies will be defined by the total statistics of the weapon. (They do not depend on the heavy attack damage) That is, they can do critical damage and apply statuses according to the total weapon's statistics.

- Gain + 5% Critical Damage for each enemy damaged by swords. Up to a maximum of 60%. This bonus will last 20 seconds.

- Enemies pierced by swords will be blinded for 5s.

- Enemies that have already been hit by a sword will not add bonus critical damage if they are pierced by another sword, but will take damage and their blind duration will be refreshed.

-If have the maximum critical damage bonus, and more swords damage enemies, the duration is restored back to 20s and will keep the critical damage bonus.


Base Stats:
Status Chance - 18%

Critical Chance - 29%

Critical Damage - 2.3x

Attack Speed - 0.970


Impact  12.9

Puncture 52.1 

Slash 138.2





IONICA- [Laser Rifle]


It is a sustained damage rifle, launches a powerful laser, burns and cuts enemies with precision. The weapon works with a battery charger, so it does not require to be watered nor does it depend on ammunition. It charges a secondary shot that will completely discharge the battery in a laser with high cadence and power with innate punch through, this laser charges enemies with ionic energy that will make them explode when killed, doing great damage in a certain range.


- The damage from the explosion will be defined by 80% of the damage received by the victim, plus 30% of his maximum life.

- The explosion has a radius of 8m and decays to 70% damage.

- The primary shot will not charge enemies, unless they are damaged by the secondary shot.

- Damage from the explosion can stack with any source of damage they take after being damaged at least once by the weapon's secondary fire.

- The damage from the explosion will be exclusively of the BLAST and RADIATION type.

- The blast counts as a radial attack and can knock out the player.


Base Stats:

Status Chance - 29%

Critical Chance - 19%

Critical Damage - 2.0x

Fire Rate - 10.00

Magazine - 70

Reload - 2.0


Puncture 6.8

Slash 15.2

Heat 11.3

Status Chance - 8%

Critical Chance - 31%

Critical Damage - 2.1x

Fire Rate - 25.00


Puncture 5.8

Slash 12.3

Heat 40.3

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