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(SPOILERS) I just did Protea's quest and I gotta say... (some spoilers, pls don't read if you haven't done this yet)


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(Chef's kiss) I was saving this for later, so I could savor the story since we don't get many quests too often. I'm seriously happy that I didn't rush to do this. 

  • So first of all, the background to this and how it ties into the entire Warframe lore/universe was really well done. It wasn't just some random "oh here's a new void/infested/space signal fart, which just so happens that is also related to this NEW WARFRAME WE'RE RELEASING. WHAT A COINCIDENCE GUIS (I mean, nothing wrong with that since it's hard to be original 100% of the time, and you need to sell your products... but it's really lovely when you guys do come out with fresh and great storytelling) 
  • The voice acting was ON POINT. Seriously I could really feel the emotional tension Eudico & Biz had, and nef's arrogance and pride, and then the disdain and disappointment that parvos had towards nef. I absolutely love that it wasn't over the top at all,  like it's often done in some american movies/games, or EN voice dubs.  It felt appropriate and "human" still. 
  • I love the corpus Gas City tilesets, and i'm super happy you used them for this. The big ass hand looks so cool but also weird/creepy.  Oh and there was this one random hangar in this tileset, which let me press a button to launch this one fighter or drone? (it's not in the picture because I took it after launching the thing) anyway it was super dope, because it added immersion and was an unexpected but fun detail. Love itunknown.png
  • I loved that we still went back to 4-tuna sometimes, but not EVERY TIME (since that would've gotten annoying/old fast). Plus the master stroke was when Nef was making an announcement regarding the mission, as we were returning to speak with Eudico.... so f-ing cool 

I absolutely wasn't expecting to still see the old dude (Parvos, right?) still alive and kicking... I mean it should've been obvious because protea, but that still caught me off-guard. Though what was EVEN BETTER, is how Nef Anyo figuratively got spanked by his dad. I mean that was harsh AF... but it was towards Nef, who does deserve the dose of reality. (no pics for this, because I was too caught in the moment to remember taking a pic) 

The only negative thoughts I had were:

  • The fight with protea felt a little wonky, due to the glaive... but that might also be related to me not putting any forma into the weapon. Still, i'm not quite used to glaives, or to melee attacking things in the air. 
  • I sorta wish the story had been longer... but I can't really fault you guys that it wasn't longer, since it's still somewhat of a side-story and it's a lot of work to make super long story quests constantly. 

    Overall and awesome experience, and I really enjoyed it. I appreciate all the awesome work you guys did here.
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