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Suggested changes to Frost


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Some suggestions for changes to Frost's kit;


His 1 FREEZE: change to freeze a single target for a period of time making them a static non-threat and applying an ice shatter mechanic. Deal damage to a frozen enemy up to a threshold, then the ice shatters doing large damage to the frozen target and any targets in an aoe around it.

His 2 ICE WAVE: operate similarly to how it does now, but change to dealing minimal damage on cast but leaving behind a slowing field on the ground that ramps into an outright freeze with the same shatter mechanic as his 1.

His 3 SNOW GLOBE: should be left as is, reasonably effective static area defense augmentable to also freeze enemies.

His 4 AVALANCHE: change to operate as a detonate ability. On cast, shatters the ice on any frozen enemies in a large aoe dealing all shatter damage simultaneously.


Frost's abilities tend to be fairly unimpactful and lack synergy. His most useful ability, snow globe, works as intended but static area defense is seldom that important.

With these changes Frost's mechanical gameplay loop would be to freeze individual enemies and place slow/freeze fields in choke points to freeze multiple enemies taking enemies out of the fight for an extended period, then using his 4 to detonate all frozen enemies dealing large damage that scales based on the number of frozen enemies detonated. Even without using avalanche as a mass detonate, frozen enemies can act as aoe clear by strategically freezing enemies in groups, or freezing enemies then luring other enemies closer, then using weapon damage to shatter the frozen enemy damaging the entire group.


I think these changes would make Frost stronger, more fun, and give him an enjoyable and powerful gameplay loop within missions. 

Final note, I wanted to describe changes in the simplest terms that would have the biggest impact. There are lots of finer details that could use adjusting, but this is the idea in terms of gameplay. Less is more.

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So let me get this straight:

Remove on-demand, instant hard control (+ temporary armour strip) from Avalanche
Add slow, delayed soft-into-hard control onto Ice Wave, plus some splash ability damage (you say 'large', but even 'large' ability damage rarely keeps pace with the game)


yeah no. Taking away the good ability to bake barely more than the crap ability's own augment into it is not what I'd call positive.

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