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Arbitration Defense BUG Arbiter is controllable like a Specter after Host Migration


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I am not sure if this is a known Bug or if it's intended but i discovered that while being in an Arbitration Defense, when the Host leaves and the Host Migration happend and one of the other players has placed a Specter, the Player who has placed the Specter has now the Interface of the Specter ( to tell him to either follow or stay) above the Arbiter and not over his own Specter, so now he can tell the Arbiter to stay at one location or follow the Player around. 

Just to make it very Simple: 

Player 1 - Host 

Player 2 - Has placed a Specter

Player 1 (Host) Disconnects/Leaves the game

Player 2 has now the Option to tell the Arbiter to stay wherever instead of his own previously placed Specter

since every link i'm trying to insert for a screenshot is somehow not accepted i'm posting a link here

I hope i am in the right Topic here, this is my first Forum Post, hopefully i'm doing nothing wrong. 


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