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Loving the open world sounds.


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Started playing again last month after a pretty long break, and some of the new things I noticed was that there was more depth to the sound of the OW environment.  (both in cetus and deimos)

The creatures sounds were new to me, but an awesome surprise. Idk if cetus always had rain & thunder storms, but the weather effects in Cetus sound better than the "rainy thunderstorm sounds for sleep & study" that I listen to on youtube. You didn't clutter the lightning too much, to the point that it felt excessive. I think that I also heard something like bird sounds while it was raining, though I couldn't hear the creatures that I might normally hear while exploring around. That's pretty accurate to what it's really like to be out in a forest-like area while it rains. Felt like I was back home tbh... only thing that was missing is either crickets when the sun is close to setting, and/or "coqui" frogs while it rains lol (not asking for those though, i'm just saying that you guys did a really good job to make it feel real).

Also maybe this was just my imagination, but it felt as if the depth/volume of environmental sounds would change as you're moving across the OW. If that was actually done on purpose, it was seriously clean and well done. 

I think the only criticism I might be able to give, is that the rain didn't really dampen the sound of the enemy Grineer. But I imagine this is probably just for practical reasons, so that the player still knows when there's trouble and where it's coming from?  Still an overall delicious sound quality though.  (I know delicious is a weird word to use, but it was really rich and enjoyable)

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