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New Players Are Bugged

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in all seriousness, I think this is bad look for warframe. seems like new players are bugged at "restore comms" segment of the intro missions. theres a lot of people asking, "how to restore comms" or "how to start a mission" more than I can count. I tried, counted 5 just tonight. 

idk how long this has been going on but I noticed it a week ago or 2? ngl, I thought ppl were just dumb and can't follow instructions. but they influx of questions like the ones above is waaaaay to often to not notice. 

I'd fix it fast if I was DE. but idk. FeelsBadMan 


also, talked to a guy that was having issues like stated. asked him if he can restart game. and it seems to fix it. still a bad impression. 

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