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Kuva Lich's "Fear of Children" Quirk Triggers Whether or Not You're In Tenno Mode (Spoilers)


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I recently obtained a Lich with the "Fear of Children" perk which is supposed to make them run in terror for a short duration when they see your (or other) Tenno.

However, it seems to trigger whether or not they actually see a Tenno, causing them to just run away in terror all the time. In testing this taught me that the quirk has a hidden "cooldown" before it triggers again, and I observed that it will repeatedly trigger every time it's off its cooldown, even if you never use transference.

Visual: https://streamable.com/uww3u6

In the video you can see that my Lich started the whole voice line and running away sequence before I transferred to my Tenno. (I transferred to Tenno afterward anyway to see if the behavior would change at all, which it didn't)

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