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Berserker, Or Sally As I Like To Call Her.


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"1. Shield Bash : Turns shield into an attack.


2: Undecided.


3: Paraylzes one enemy and buffs fellow Tenno.(apparently you are not buffed by this)


4. Last Stand: Revert to melee, damage is increased by x%. You absorb all damage and unless you kill everything around you, you take all of the damage that you've absorbed."



I do not know how valid this info is, I have tried searching for the official Berserker post but is yet to find it...a link would be nice if someone can share it, but i will post my thoughts here.


When I look at these preliminary skills, I like most wonder whats going on there. We were worried about Nekros and that turned out okay, so I trust that Scott will deliver another gem with this badbo....girl. However, here are my thoughts on a skill list.


My skills wil be determined by the visual aesthetics portrayed by this frame. This will include the whiplike appendages dangling from her wrists (why else are they there) her sleek physique and her dogleg....ehrm...leg. Someone made a comment suggesting that as a berserker she should have a big health pool, but with a smaller shield to balance it out. I agree with this seeing as your typical berserker would actually become more dangerous the more damage it took, whereas a lot of frames don't even go into their health pools during a mission. Berseker should benefit from taking damage. Okay here goes. (I will leave values and power costs to those who like those kind of things...i focus on concept)


1.  Trailblaze: Sally increases her movement speed for a duration of time. (This is a utility skill to close the gap from one target to the next, not to be used as a speedrun skill and not as fast as Volt. Could she run on all fours making her a smaller target?...or is that stupid)

1.  Alternatively: Pounce - Sally "pounces" to the closest available target - distance traveled determined by tier lvl and influenced by stretch mod.


2. Whip grab: Sally shoots out her wristwhips to a target. If the target is a light enemy, the enemy is pulled to her,over her shoulder and slammed to the ground. This does moderate damage and leaves target in knockdowned state. If the target is a heavy/ancient, Sally is instead pulled towards the target, but she uses the momentum to "flyingkick" her target, causing a knockdown and moderate impact damage. Damage multiplier is influenced in both scenarios by distance traveled. There is a element of danger here. If enemy or Sally impacts with crate/wall/ledge whilst inflight. they take impact damage against that object. 


3. Whip It: Sally extends her whips and does a whirlwind spin. All enemies in viscinity takes damage. This skill has a short chargeup as she primes herself for spin. This skill can be done whilst running.Higer tiers adds more spins and ups the damage on each target hit. (This could have nice implications when combine with skill one and jumping into mob packs doing a torpedo tipe attack with whips spinning all over.


4. Bloodlust: Whilst bloodlust is active, any damage done by Sally of squad, sends her into a berserking frenzy. Her melee attackspeed and damage + movement speed is increased and she gains life equal to % amount of damage she does. However, she has no shields during this time and takes hits straight to her health. This skill has a counter, but the counter is reset as long as Sally is attacking a target. So she can keep it going.



I have some alternative skills im mulling around and will follow-up with those, but these are my initial ideas. let me know what you guys think.

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I like the idea behind 4, but I'd do it slightly differently to Scott.


I'd have her locked into using her claws and chains as high 'true' damage weapons and that for the duration of the ability she can't be downed (can go into negative health,) I'd then have it so that every successfully killed enemy gives her some health and extends the Ulti's duration.

I just feel doing it that way would allow the player to keep track of what's happening better with regards to her health.


Also, if it's not already the plan I'd have her Ult make her totally immune to CC ala Iron Skin.


Edit: I'd like to add that the more damage she takes should result in the more damage being done by her claws, would help to keep her Ultimate relevant at high levels.


Edit 2: I imagine that clicking as if firing a gun would make her slash with her claws, pressing E to use melee would result in her pullling an enemy into close range using her chains/whips. You could even have rapid clicking for wild slashing, and a charge attack to lunge at and knockdown an enemy, followed with a downed attack.

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yes Yazy, that would be the primary word that describes this frame FLUID. As I mention I had not found the actual skill reference from Scott and I am really looking forward to the livestream where the said they would reveal more. So I had to quote from another users' post to kinda get an idea of where DE was going. maybe after livestream i will tweak the quotes to display the correct skill list...but then there will most likely be an official page and i'll just close this thread and continue there.


But untill then, I'll happily walk down this brick road.


@Sidathe. "shield bash" Yes this would be a unique skill. Espescially if your shield gets expelled as a weapon and does damage to the value of your "current" shield amount. This would be a nice AOE with instant damage much like Rhinos Radial blast back in the day....i miss that skill...but with the added negative that your shield lvl is then 0 and needs to recharge. Unfortunately I still feel that berserker should have a low shield level..to counter a high Vitallity and shield counter both 150 in my opinion. This makes her rugged physically without her hiding behind a shield. So taking into account a low shield lvl, would that still make it a viable skill choice in my build....i don't really think so, but I understand your view on it.


With the Ulti, I just wanted to tweak it slightly as to not be just another over the top Ulti that destroys everything like Molecular prime, but still stays true as to Scotts original idea, but without the dying instantly if you miss one mob stuck somewhere behind a crate....I also like the no CC buff like Iron skin Idea...but that just pushes it to OP status...rather she cant be knocked down or staggered...the rest applies.


I still want to get in something akin to the more damage she takes the higher her dps output becomes.


@Jandor: I wish we could "activate" claws on her, but I think DE would have some issues with that...It would basically give you a 4th weapon to wield and that would be unfair. My whirly whips are already moddeled into the frame and are just used in conjunction with movement atributes, not whole new weapons. Maybe if she wields fist weapons she gets a passive buff...thus inspiring players to use the claw weapons more frequently...it would also hopefully inspire DE to create "wolverine" like blade claws with a longer reach that does multiple damage. Your charge attack with the blade claws would be a 360 spin that hits multiple targets. Not single targets like other fist weapons....This would stack insanely well with her ultimate that speeds up attack speed.....*drools a bit*.


But alas we cant just have a fram that has a whole new fighting mechanic compared to all the other frames that uses 1 - 4 skill, primary, secondary and melee...on E. Still, Nice idea...i'll see how I can incorporate it.




*grammar tweaks*

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Well, you could have it so she gets the melee buffs on her regular melee weapon, and her ranged weapons are locked out for the duration and replaced with the whips to drag enemies into melee range.

Scott did say he wanted to try some new mechanics with her.


Edit: I just want to leap around shouting "get over here" and tearing faces off with her claws.

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My personal thoughts on the whole "whip" thing with Berserker:


I still see them as the broken restrains from the concept art (you can Google Image search "Berserker Warframe Concept" if you haven't seen it, but I'm guessing you have), implying she escaped from corpus dissection or something like that...


First of all, I just don't get the "primal rage" kinda feel that a berserker should invoke from a whip user. Blades/Claws and blunt objects suit a zerker theme much better.


And secondly rubber tubing (from the looks of it) attached just below the elbow sounds like a very very very bad whip. Seriously... imagine trying to whip someone without using your hand or forearm... with inch thick rubber tubing. The frames end design would have to be altered from the concept for whip attacks to look... legitimate I guess, even if it only meant moving the tubes from near elbow, to near wrist

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@AXCrusnik - I see whaat you mean, at first glance I mistakenly assumed the tube dangling from her left hand was protruding from the front of the brace around her forearm...after closer inspection I agree with you that the tube is conected close to her elbow...which definately nulifies its whip status. It does become more pertinent then, that the experimentation done on her...ie, the bolts through her limbs and surgically inplanted blades in her hands and feet opens up a whole host of new Chuck Norrisy / Bruce Lee type of attacks and skills. It would mean loosing the "get over here" angle....of which I am saddened...but pipe is pipe and i have to be led by the concept and not my desires....So give me a time for a rethink and i'll tweak her skills to fit a more "unarmed style of gameplay". We do however know that their is a concept for a whip weapon in the making...so it might not be such a stretch of the imagination if the concept department could change those tubes to something more....whippy. But that takes it to infested territory and that makes it a lot more complicated....although who knows what Alad V did to her. I just really hope then that she is not launched with 2 pieces of useless pipe dangling and swinging all over....


All in all, great comment AX.


At least this opens the table again for more talk of VEGA like claw weapons.

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Ok, I gave it some thought and tried for a trully feral type of frame. One that can not withstand the call of the hunt....

(p.s...i gave multiple options for each skill...well almost)


Ideas for skill 1:


1. Wild hunt: Sally goes on all fours and gains a speed increase. She also automatically does wallrunning in

this form and is able to climb upside down on ceilings. This gives her that feline effect of stalking prey.

(Not sure if I like this but its an idea)


2. Pounce: Sally leaps towards closest target within x range.On hit she does Claw rake damage. Single target

attack. Target takes bleeding damage.


Ideas for skill 2:


1. Pheremones:  Sally releases a odorless vapour (no she does not crack a fart). This would be like rhinos roar

but different. Squad gets enhanced perception effectively increasing weapon accuracy and the ability to see

hostile enemies through terain.(like u would see teammates just in red.)This last quite some time untill it

discipates or the further away you get from Sally.


2. Pheremones version 2: When actvated, Sally goes into a bloodlust which sharpens all her senses...she sees

world like a cat would with enemies showing up as heat signatures in her field of view. She gets increased

perseption enabling her to naturally see better/ zoomed and with increased accuracy in "aimed" stance with

rifles or sidearms and she does not lose stamina while this skill is active. Squad members benefit with increas

accuracy and enemy detection. Oh hell, let's say squad crit rating is increased with a (x)%. It just makes



Ideas for skill 3:


1. Soft Kitty:  Sally does a Horizontal cross slash with both hands. Sending out 2 arcs of energy that cuts

enemies in half in a cone shape infront of her. Heavy damage ability. Ignores Armor.


2.Feet of fury: Sally does a 360 roundhouse kick that does moderate damage to all enemies withing range. With

increased tier lvls, the area effected becomes bigger and at max tier she generates a energie field that

increases damage done...it also ignores armor,


Idea for skill 4:


1. Eye of the storm: Sally creates massive energy claws from her surgically implanted hand braces and goes into

a frenzy state. In this state she loses the ability to wield a rifle, her sidearm or equiped melee weapon.

primary attack turn into a series of claw slashes and spin attacks, Secondary attack is a front on kick that

knocks down target. It is also a stomp on a downed target. (E) Button functions as a grab button turning

primary into a stab to the head and secondary to a knee to the groin. Whilst this is active all skills gets

amplified results.


Cons: While skill is active, Sally has no shields. Even though she can not be staggered or knocked down, she

can take damage, but killing enemies rejuvenates her. When using Pheremones during this time, she gains

increased crit chance and damage but at the cost of seeing all moving targets as red onscreen, this includes

teammates. She can thus inflict friendly fire whilst trapped in the eye of the storm.

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Even tho ur info about her skills is not point-blank-100% accurate (*stares at reddit*), the main topic that was being discussed was getting her skills to synergy with each other and make her a more fluid/efficient combo-machine.


No, that's actually perfectly accurate.

As stated per the Council thread on her.


They're pretty bad.

And while I like Shield bash, unless it's perfectly executed, it'll be garbage also.

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Lets be 100% honest here, as is, this will be another frame used for mastery and low level stuff, she wont even get a look at anything approaching high level content.


Why ? She has no survivability and brings nothing at all to the team that another frame won't do better. If she looked good it would be a start, but her appearance is just bad.

Bad skills, bad looks, it's not a winning combo sadly.

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  • 3 weeks later...

After finally gettingg to watch the livestream i noticed Scott mentioned a Berserker skill that is definately in there....something about her hoses and how it would be nice to use the concept (not the hoses) as a grappling device?


(QUOTE) 2. Whip grab: Sally shoots out her wristwhips to a target. If the target is a light enemy, the enemy is pulled to her,over her shoulder and slammed to the ground.


Did I call this or did I call this...Hallo Mr Scott, put down that pencil sir. Now listen closely.....

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