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Where Da T3 Keys At?



Long story short: I'm out of T3 keys and I desperately need forma BPs. Ignis, Lanka, Ogris, Dual Vastos, Acrid, and many other weapons/frames are crying for Forma and I might need at least 30-50 of them. If there's a surefire way to get T3 survival keys that would be awesome since they always give at least one forma for surviving 30 minutes.


Ever since the last few updates, I've been completely lost at what tiers drop what keys. Apparently T2 survivals can drop T3s and T3s can drop T2s? I run Palus on Pluto frequently but I get a ton of T2s from it. Then I have no idea what happened with Defense and the tiers that drop whatever keys, since I only see T2 survivals as a T3 defense reward and whatnot. I would appreciate a briefing on the new system.

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