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wanted to say thank you to devs for account restore


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Despite how players gripe, I all ways seen games as products. I only been playing warframe about 3 almost 4 years. But I like how the stores is setup. It feels honest. Buy or farm your choice!.

 So  Over the years I had invested a bit. Then started a clan and began having monthly give aways. Lots f inventory lots of plat, loads of blue prints for prizes and so on.

 My account got hacked last week ( to the dirty rotten looser, you suck)

When I went to do the lost pass word thing after a failed log in, and seen my email was not tied to an account Of course panic.

 Now there is a FLAW is not support. You NEED an account to get a suppport ticket in PLEASE FIX THAT !

I had an old account i made in the very early years of the game. I logged on to that account to strat my ticket.

The responses were slow But they did explain they were super busy.

With little effort I was able to prove the account was mine. I mean detailed information of the account over years. The hacker can not know any of that stuff. So that was easy. Sadly my email that WAS tied to the account is non usable now. But, I am back in game. Wierdo hacker altered y orbitor minor things are mising but all in all. Inventory is intact.


Thank you DEVS. I would of hated to end my warframe caear so suddenly as starting over was no in the cards. Which wouldof been sad for my small comunity of players. 

 So thank you for keeping us together.

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20 minutes ago, LdyAftermath said:

Thank you DEVS.

... This is literally the only thing I had no problems reading...


... Can you fix your entire post out of all those typos? Some players with a lot of difficulties at English Language, or even in need of an online translator, will appreciate it.

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18 minutes ago, LdyAftermath said:

i have dyslexia, sorry Had a friend fix it. very sorry also my left hand is broken.

Its ok, you didn't need to fix it right away or that fast either...


Anyway, it should be perfect enough for many people worldwide to know that support can fix it.

Nice work at recovering your account! *thumbs up*

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