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Are they ever going to unvault Loki?



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Unfortunately they decided that they would never ever unvault Loki ever again. Not after what happened last time, he is simply too mischievous and wild. Just Loki though, every other Frame will eventually be unvaulted, even Mag Prime, who is currently slated for 3050, the year the Earth's magnetic poles reverse causing wide devastation! 

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9 minutes ago, AlyxisPrime said:

But as stated, other frames have been vaulted longer

Exactly which frames (plural) are you talking about? The only frame that's been vaulted longer than Loki is Mag (who was unvaulted just before Loki's last unvaulting). So the fair course of action would have been to have the current (or at least next) prime vault as Loki and Mag.

And if you are trying to mention Volt or Hydroid - both of them were available during last year's Tennocon (from Baro and from stream drop respectively). So they haven't really been in the vault for all that long.

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