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The Arsenal Divide: Changes & Follow Ups

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On 2021-06-22 at 11:07 AM, .Khaos. said:

Why, just why...

Its because these mods are meant for range weapons to be useful in Steel Path. So locking the mods behind the main reason why melee is dominant is kind of pointless as people will still use melee. 

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On 2021-07-05 at 8:40 AM, mrgudveseli said:

At the start of SP you don't have access to all 200+ nodes either, and doing them in order for sure will take way more than one hour.

At the start of Steel Path you have access to the first couple of nodes on Earth.  One of which is an Exterminate, and another is a simple Defense or Survival, at basically the lowest level possible for Steel Path.  If I cared about this system, those are probably the ones I'd run, because I know I can solo them.  I can run it relatively quickly (for me, I'm sure many people are far more l33t than I am) and I can run it as often as I can stand.  I get six revives per mission, and therefore am unlikely to fail it completely.

Meanwhile, Arbitrations offer one mission per hour.  I get no choice in what mission, or tileset, or versus which faction.  Oh, it's a Defection.  Well, that's this hour down the toilet, that mission has the occasional game-breaking glitch in NORMAL mode.  Oh, and now it's Infested Salvage, that is SO fun.  And now it's Lua Spy, a mission I love so much that I've *technically* never actually finished it.  (I asked in recruit chat and found someone to do it for me, and then NEVER went there again.)

Or pick any other combination of tilesets, mission types and enemy factions that just SUCK to play against.  Throw in all the *normal* drawbacks of Arbitration, such as the entire "screw you for playing solo" design, the fact that if the host gets downed and quits the Host Migration is reasonably likely to at least split the team if not just flat out screw everyone out of both the rewards *and* the attempt for that hour, or the part where the revive mechanic is kind of possible to abuse for both sides.  "No, you suck, I'm not going to revive you."  "Hah hah, I'm dead but now you all get stuck with debuff tokens you can't refuse or easily avoid until I quit or you revive me... and I'll just let myself die again!  Sucks to be you guys!"  (And yes, I've seen both behaviors.)

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If you'd like to wait until the Sisters of Parvos Update launches, it will increase the Vitus Essence drop rate from 3% to 6% from the Drones.

Although you have said that the drop chance of the incoming update has increased, I can state that the vitus essence, which has fallen much more in the past, is almost not dropped now. Although you state that you have doubled the rate, after 1 hour and 30 minutes, the number of vitus essence collected together with the resource booster and resource drop booster and smeeta kavat cannot exceed 30. The minimum number of killed drones is 160. Before the update, we can obtain a minimum of 150-200 vitus essence in 1 hour and 30 minutes, but we are not happy to see 30 now. I'm having a really hard time understanding how the drop rate doubled.

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